The vision is simple - provide busy, working dads, and their families, with a simple platform that will allow them to:

A: Build a foundation for their health and fitness

B: Tackle all the tasks of a modern day dad

C: Set the example they wish to show their family

D: Educate themselves and their family on how to live a healthy lifestyle over the long term

E: Become a valued member of a team once again

This is done through a very simple process that consist of 4 main pillars:

1. Move everyday

2. Eat healthy nutritious food

3. Perform deep breathing exercises each day

4. Plan and reflect weekly

The pillars are supported by a 12 month program that builds knowledge, momentum and discipline whilst challenging each dad on a physical and mental level.

The aim is to turn you into the best version of you, so you can fulfill your potential in fatherhood, in your relationships and in life!

But what's Included:

🔶 LIVE virtual training sessions with me and the team each week

🔶 Meal plans to create lean, fit physiques, drafted by professional sports dieticians

🔶 Pre-loaded exercise sessions for when you can't attend sessions

🔶 Private VIP educational site to build your own knowledge on health and fitness for the long term

🔶 Weekly coaching webinars 

🔶 Weekly challenges to keep you engaged

🔶 Weekly check-ins for accountability

🔶 VIP Facebook access for all our private members 

🔶 Brilliant support and encouragement from a team of like minded dads all in your corner

🔶 Regular BPD events to keep you motivated

🔶 A month by month lifestyle program presented by medical and health professionals on a range of topics inc: nutrition, sleep, stress, sunlight and much more..

All in all, we have designed the most comprehensive fitness, health and * and their families to excel.

If you are looking for a program that not only understands the modern-day dad and their challenges but also seeks to offer a structured plan that helps you to:

* Succeed in your role as a dad

* Set a positive example to your family

* Build a lean, fit physique

* Improve your intimacy with those closet to you

Then this is the program for you.

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