My name is Jay Merrilees and I am a professional trainer, wellbeing coach, and founder of Bulletproof Dad.

I am 22 year veteran of the health, fitness and wellbeing industry. I have worked in a variety of fields, over two decades on two separate continents.

I have studied extensively in topics including: Effective Movement Training, Applied Movement Neurology, Sport Studies and Exercise Science HE, Personal Training, Metabolic Conditioning, Human Movement Training and Personal Development.

I have also managed and run multi-faceted teams of professionals in a variety of different locations, venues and environments.

My style of training and coaching incorporates a no nonsense approach that inspires my clients to take personal ownership of their circumstances, driving a forward thinking, solution focused mindset.

My passion is now focused on helping busy working dads live their best lives, not only physically, but on a mental and emotional level also.

I am happy to say that BPD has helped 100's of dads re-prioritise their health and fitness, free themselves from bad habits and build bodies they are proud of, whilst empowering them to become the men, partners and fathers they want to be.



Word on the Street

Jay Merrilees is man wise beyond his years like the Yoda of body and mind!  The Bulletproof Dad Program has been life changing for me, not only physically but in my mental state and awareness as well.

Would recommend the program for any dads who are stuck in their ways and ready to make a change for the better!

Kieron Zajac

Life changing is the easiest way to describe what Jay has done for me through Bulletproof Dad.

He is not only a great motivator and somebody with a wealth of knowledge but has developed a program that improves your health both physically and mentally.

Matt Downes

This program that Jay has designed is more than a fitness program. It reconnects you to your family, your kids, your work, in fact every aspect of your life.

I recommend this program to any dads out there that are stuck in the rut to give this program a go.

Dave Tolmie


I have done lots of training over the years but have found this program to be the most complete ever!  Jay not only provides a physical training program but also a nutritional and mindset program.....where the real gains are being made!

Chris Fuller

Jay will give you all the tools you need to change into the man you want to become.  He will train you hard, body and mind, give you a support network including himself to push your limits to places you didn't think were possible.  In a sea of coaches Jay and the BPD program are truely something special!

Dave Bayliss

A super program and a great leader in Jay who possess amazing knowledge and experience in fitness, physiology and psychology and getting you to think of new ways to get out of a rut and break those habits.

You'll find that both you and your surrounding family and friends will see and feel a happier you and will also gravitate to this new energy and wellbeing.

Anthony Easson


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